In an article published in Bloomberg Business, it is estimated that roughly $7.8 billion dollars will be spent in 2015 on Web Video Advertising; keep in mind this is only a portion of money spent on the cumulative online marketing.

Because… the article then sites an Association of National Advertisers study, conducted by the security firm White Ops, entitled The Bot Baseline: Fraud In Digital Advertising, which claim that advertisers will spend $6.3 billion in 2015 to fake traffic.

So, to put that into comparison… practically 80% of the money spent on web video ads is wasted. This is a significant amount of money. In forms of actual percentages for overall dollars spent, we haven’t run the numbers, yet. Regardless, as a business owner, any money spent that produced a negative ROI – or no ROI – is reason to keep you up at night.

No matter how seemingly easy marketing is with the assistance of social media, business executives and owners need to place a concerted effort on obtaining information. And, we are not just talking about big data – even that can be tainted by bots.

The information we suggest obtaining is found in the process of engaging with your business customers.

Sure it is going to take more time and effort, but it is time and effort spent that will yield and ROI, rather than throwing money into the black box of online marketing.

One method to combat the superfluous advertisement spending to online bots is the curating consumer content creations – C4.

Why C4? The most common definition of C4 is referred to as plastic explosive, and while we shun the use of such devastating devices, the illustration helps define the strength in using this type of approach.

The method is relatively straightforward and result in aligning consumer/business perspectives – which leads to increased revenue!

Contact us today, and we’ll teach you the process.