…therefore, no one is!

Please forgive that this post has started off in a negative tone, but we want to bring something to your attention — and address the elephant in the marketing room.

Social media, generally speaking, is the single most persuasive technology created — as far as history records. It has connected the world in was our parents could have only imagined. It’s reach spans the globe is is near limitless with borders.

I brief look back on the advent of marketing helps us realize that this communicative art was merely a function of reaching multitudes of people.

Now that any individual is able to connect online and “reach out and touch someone” (AT&T circa 1984), the tried and true marketing tactics from yesteryear aren’t going to cut it.

In order to be effective in marketing, companies shouldn’t be focused on how many people they can market to, but the types of people they need to be marketing to.

Those companies that successfully market authentically will grow, not only a large client base, but loyal clientele who will pay for the value they perceive from a company.

In short…

  • Position your company with authentic branding
  • Establish a loyal customer base
  • Secure profit margins

“Reach out…” and contact OzComm today to learn what your company can do to market authentically.