“…I am brand loyal.”

A few weeks back, we conducted a survey to take a closer look at what people think marketing is and isn’t. As part of that survey, we offered a “write in” section where people could share any thoughts they had about marketing.

The questions was asked in this way,

“Please share any additional perceptions you have about ‘marketing.’”

The quote above was taken from one respondent, and was echoed in similar sentiments of commitment to brands in a survey of roughly 200 people!

Let’s extrapolate that, just for the fun of it:

2 in 200 or 1% of people believes that marketing doesn’t affect them – they are brand loyalists.

Now, we are not going to “burst their bubble,” so let’s continue.

Imagine the 1% (not necessarily that 1%) are your customers/clients. You would love them to be your clients, right?

This scenario is the ultimate in a captivated audience – they are fully committed to your brand, mission, and company.

The next question you need to be asking yourself is, “How do we create brand loyalist for my company?”

We thought you’d never ask…

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