It happens more often than we like to admit. We meet with a potential client, have a great conversation about their business goals, and then get down to “brass tacks.”

“You guys really know your stuff,” the new prospect says. “Do you have some examples of your work you can show me?”

The answer to that question is, undoubtedly, yes!

However, showing off our work, and speaking to the results of each campaign is like handing someone a Monet and telling them it’s worth $100 million. While that statement is true, it’s a little hard to believe for the average consumer of art.

What is art to some isn’t to others.

The same holds true with marketing. This is why, we at OzComm, believe so strongly that in order for marketing to be effective, there must be an understanding of what the customer wants, and how they want it delivered.

…and while it’s fun to put together flashy, catchy advertisements, if the context isn’t understood – much less, known – marketing (at the end of the day) is nothing more than art.

So, if your company is more interested in created fine expensive art, which may not capture anyone’s attention, go for it!

However, if you are more attune to the simplicity of a Rothko, which demands millions, give us a call. You’ll be glad you did.