For years, businesses have clamored for SEO Marketing. And, for a time, it seemed to be effective – why not? The logic makes sense: just “own” the keywords, and the traffic comes to you.

Well… we don’t believe so. And a recent video by SourceFed seems to have validated our position.

(Disclaimer: OzComm is not politically affiliated with any party. Had this video been about any presidential candidate, we still would have posted this video. IMPORTANT… make sure you watch through to the end of the video to get SourceFed’s disclaimer – we are in agreement.)

—Video not visible? Click here to watch it on SourceFed’s YouTube Channel

Although this video is political by nature, what we would like to point out is the fact that for marketing to be truly effective and create a lasting impact must be authentic, and it must captivate an audience through meaningful storytelling. What Matt Lieberman is clearly pointing out is that Google algorithms are simply that – algorithms. Electronic manipulations of code designed to produce a preferred outcome.

We at OzComm Marketing ask, “Do you want to hang the success of your business on the manipulations of search engine?” (insert: Google, Bing, Yahoo!, etc.)

Manipulation is not marketing.

SEO Marketing has been, and always will be manipulation.

Shameless Plug?

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