Super Bowl 50 brought with it the customary entourage of cinematic commercials. Many claim that the impetus for these “moviesque” was the Macintosh 1984 commercial.

Whatever the reason, billions of people have been entertained throughout the years by brands endeavoring to capture our attention.

So, why do we feel inclined to rate these commercials, post game? …and, by what criteria?

At OzComm, we believe that it largely due to how well the company is able to resonate with its specific audience. Are these brands authentic?

Here are just a few that we found that seemed to be authentic. …without further ado, and in no particular order.

Puppy Monkey Baby

We know, right? Why? Mountain Dew’s brand, and therefore image, is one that always pushes the envelope. The company’s marketing tactics are meant to make people curious. The subliminal message they are saying is, “We know it looks weird, but you’re curious, aren’t you? You want to try it, don’t you?”

Why else would you drink something that looked fluorescent green?

Audi “Commander”

Yes. This was a very moving commercial, and it played on a lot of emotions: family, accomplishments forgotten, etc. But, the underlying message was that of legacy. When we look back and see what we’ve done, which drives us to hope for better times ahead.

And, this is what Audi is all about: Legacy. Come on… the company was founded 105 years ago (so says Wikipedia)


Labels… aka bullying. Yep, Mini has been the recipient of this treatment just like millions of us that face online trolls.

But, rather than shying away from the criticism, Mini embraced the rhetoric just enough to say, “I don’t car.”

These are just a few commercials that we thought authentically articulated their brand. Which Super Bowl commercials did you like?