We believe authenticity is a business’ the most valuable asset.” The challenge for most businesses to articulate that authenticity from a marketing perspective may come off as shameless self-promotion. This is mainly due to the fact that we, as a people, as inherently suspect of companies. Especially, since content marketing is on it’s way out.

So, what’s a company to do? Here is one method – so simple a Neanderthal could do it. Well, we say it’s simple, and the process is; it’s the execution that is so challenging because it invites potential criticism from our clients.

Ask for a testimonial.

This is where a company’s reputation is placed on the line, and the response seems to have odds similar to flipping a coin. It’s a situation most businesses just don’t want to be placed in.

However, let’s consider the status quo. Here’s what you, as a business owner, can expect:

Derailed Train

  • You will most likely never know what the client wants, and continue to deliver the same product/service to them in perpetuity
  • You will most likely never receive a referral from your clients since you don’t encourage feedback
  • There is a potential that this client may become disgruntled with your product/service, and eventually leave, and could tell others about your poor service
  • In short, you may experience bumps on the track, or worse, a complete derailment

Alternatively; assuming you invite feedback:


  • You may experience negative feedback; however, you now have the option to rectify the situation by providing better service, or terminating service by recommending a competitor
  • You may experience positive feedback, and receive a testimonial, which can be shared with future potential clients
  • You’ve now encouraged an open dialogue with your clients, and you can receive valuable feedback regarding the industry or competition
  • In short, you may experience some undulation from the waves of doing business, but for the most part, it will be much smoother sailing

Essentially, by asking for a testimonial from your clients, you can expect to move exponentially forward in your successes with the validation of past and current clients, or you can learn from past (perceived) failures, and provide better service for future clients.

Either way, the benefits greatly outweigh the setbacks when you ask for a testimonial.

…and that’s just one more arrow in your quiver to becoming an authentic marketing guru.