To address this question, we must first define “authentic” or “authenticity”.

Authenticity is having the quality of being authentic; therefore, when someone or something is authentic is “true to one’s own personality, spirit, or character.”

Simply put, one who is authentic is “real or genuine; not copied or false.” They are true and accurate.

This all seems fine and all in theory, but to put in practice requires that a company understand what it stands for – aside from just making money. We live in a world where everything everyone has ever done is searchable; there is no hiding from our foibles.

The same holds true for business. This is why it has become even more important to define your “why.” (per Simon Sinek)

When your company has a vision and understanding of why you do what you do, you create a belief system that cannot be argued by fact, it is a purpose – or mission.

So, how does all this play into marketing? Marketing is the method by which your company explains its “why” to its clients and customers. Hence, if your “why” is just to make money, your company will avoid authenticity. You may get away with other marketing tactics for a while, but the truth will eventually be exposed, and corporate will have “’splainin’ to do!”

Interestingly to note, “authentic” at one time meant “authoritative”. Now, isn’t that what you want your business to be – THE Authority (Thought Leader) in your industry. We do!

Definitions were provided by Merriam-Webster online.