You’re Doing it Wrong!

To make a blanket statement like that fosters a myriad of emotions; none of which make one feel very optimistic. Unfortunately, it’s a sad reality for most business’ marketing tactics – including those at the top.

Back in October 2013, McKinsey & Company released research exposing that B2B companies not only “miss the mark” when it comes to marketing, a vast majority actually tout the antithesis of what its target demographic actually expect to hear from B2B marketing/communications. If we extrapolate this information, we can deduce that roughly 73% of businesses are communicating points that are of little or no interest to its customers.


If you are thinking this is old news (and, I would agree with you), then why are businesses still going about marketing and communicating in this way?

In a recent blog post on kissmetrics, the author draws attention to Microsoft’s marketing blunder in effort to promote Surface, Microsoft’s tablet with detachable keyboards; more specifically, the marketing of Windows RT.

The takeaway from this article is that Microsoft failed to define a marketing roadmap.

Just because a company delivers the best service or product doesn’t mean it will be successful; it needs to manage expectations.

Unfortunately, many companies engage in frivolous marketing tactics – including social media – hoping that just communicating what they do will yield customers. For those companies, the beatings will continue until [marketing] improves.

What is getting beaten, you ask? How about your revenues and profits, for a start?