OzComm Marketing’s Philosophy

Found at War… Tried on Business… Proven in Entertainment


The OzComm Marketing guiding principle goes as far back as 1941, during World War II when Sargent George Virl Osmond served the 819th EAB (Army Air Corps). His service in the armed forces solidified his character—integrity and authenticity—this is how he lived the rest of his life, and raised his family.

After being honorably discharged from O’Reilly GH (General Hospital) in Springfield. Mo., Sargent Osmond returned to Utah, married Olive May Davis, and eventually got into the real estate business. In business, there were opportunities for George to push aside his integrity and authenticity for success. However, he viewed those as short-term gains that would cost him long-term consequences.

His struggle in business gave way for the family to look for additionally sources of income. In 1958, George encouraged four of his sons, who began singing barbershop, and chaperoned their performances in and around Ogden, Utah. By the 1960s, the Osmond Brothers were regular acts of television shows—The Andy Williams Show, and The Jerry Lewis Show.

Early in his family’s success, George realized the pressure to accommodate marketing and publicity needs. Therefore, he encouraged his children to always stay true to themselves; and avoid any requests that may compromise their convictions, even at the expense for momentary gain or increased recognition. Essentially maintaining their integrity.

George also believed it was more important to be real and personable—authentic—than it was to be famous. In this way, he ensured the family name would mean something. Interestingly, these very attributes (i.e. integrity and authenticity) have significantly contributed to the lasting celebrity of the Osmond Family. Today, the name Osmond continues to stand as a brand of integrity and authenticity.

Just as the name Osmond is a recognizable brand, businesses today face a similar scenario. The advent of the Internet, and the explosion of social media now greatly exaggerate the benefits and pitfalls of marketing and publicity. Business owners are enticed to ride a wave of viral fads with hopes of increasing popularity, even if those marketing tactics contradict the business’ initial value proposition.


OzComm Marketing was established by a second generation Osmond—Don C Osmond, Jr., son of entertainment icon Donny Osmond. The company exists to help business owners navigate the need for marketing while maintaining the authenticity and integrity of its clients’ brands.

Utilizing more than half a century of marketing experiences, OzComm Marketing works with businesses brands, applying a cross-discipline approach gleaned from entertainment, to pursue principles of authentic marketing. By developing genuine story-based marketing, OzComm Marketing helps to establish brand positioning, avoid commoditization, and increase profit margins and market share.

Contact OzComm Marketing, today, and let’s discuss how working together we can help your business create more of the right opportunities and increase profitability.