IRVINE, CALIFORNIA – JANUARY 13, 2014 – Don Osmond, founder of OzComm, will present “The Power of Perception” at the University of California, Irvine MBA Exchange on Tuesday, January 21, 2014 at 7:30pm. His presentation will highlight how to craft a compelling story for marketing, while taking into consideration the perceptions of your audience.

“Each of us have a belief structure from which we view the world,” said Osmond. “To be effective in marketing, we must consider the perception regardless of veracity.”

Osmond, who founded OzComm in 2009, subscribes to the long-standing saying, “The customer is always right;” however, amends the phrase in that the customers isn’t necessarily right, but they have a perception. And, it is this perception that effective marketing needs to be mindful of.

“If we, as marketers, can validate the customer, without compromising our businesses, we have succeeded in business,” said Osmond.

About Don Osmond

Don Osmond, known as the ‘Donfather’ of authentic marketing and communications, has a track record of helping businesses avoid the unforgiving creative overspend trap for more than 10 years. His approach to marketing strategy has saved his clients millions of dollars in potential marketing disasters. His perspective on what makes marketing effective stems from a lifetime enveloped by media.

As a public speaker, he as presented his guiding philosophies to thousands, waving the banner of authenticity. He has waxed eloquent on how being authentic to one’s brand, or personal brand, is paramount to establish a leadership position. He affirms a similar mantra for businesses.

About OzComm Marketing

Founded in 2009 in the shadows of the Rock Mountains, OzComm Marketing developed an authentic approach to marketing, which has proven a successful model by helping its clients maintain profitability, and ensuring continued growth.

The capabilities and expertise found within OzComm Marketing drives strategic marketing innovation and creativity. From there, the similarities between OzComm and its competition diverge, and put OzComm in a class of its own. Its methodologies lead their clients down cost effective avenues while delivering favorable bottom line results.

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January 13, 2014
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