AUSTIN, TEXAS – August 15, 2016 – OzComm Marketing is sponsoring a panel of four individuals, a submission for SXSW 2017 Panel Picker. The panel includes Don Osmond, Managing Partner of OzComm Marketing; neuroscience specialist Shonté Taylor, President of Shonté Jovan Taylor, LLC; Jeff Marcoux, CMO Lead for Worldwide Enterprise Marketing at Microsoft; and entertainment icon Donny Osmond. They plan to discuss a “15,000-Year-Old Marketing Strategy: Why It Works” today.

“Storytelling has existed for thousands of years, and while most marketing is creative, it often lacks the cohesive captivating nature of telling a story,” said Don Osmond. “The entertainment industry incorporates storytelling so well into its marketing, and we want to explore those applications to find ways to help brands achieve similar results.”

Storytelling is thousands of years old, and is the most comprehensive form of engagement that cultivates relationships, encourages behavior and incites action – which is the very purpose of marketing.

“Stories allow you to do so much… to light up the brain to trigger emotion, and to recall experiences from our past,” said Shonté Taylor. “Stories are the glue that brings communication all together.

This proposed SXSW session explores the neuroscience of storytelling; how it maintains the entertainment industry. And, why brands must develop a compelling narrative in order to encourage brand loyalty, secure revenues, and establish a competitive advantage in their industry.

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August 15, 2016
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