AUSTIN, TEXAS – NOVEMBER 16, 2015 – OzComm Marketing, the authentic marketing practice, will sponsor the 2nd annual Austin Blues Revue, an upscale business social followed by exclusive performances from Austin’s preeminent musicians, at Google Fiber (201 Colorado St, Austin, TX 78701) on Jan 25, 2016 at 5pm.

Austin, Texas is known of its unique approach to life – business included. The Austin Blues Revue is an evening of making new connections, catered with gourmet food followed by an early evening, one-night-only performance by a 9-piece Revue band.

“We are changing the game when it comes to networking,” said Pete Monfre, whose brainchild is The Austin Blues Revue. “We are bringing an experience only Austin can deliver. In short, we #ReEngineerTheGig.”

Don Osmond of OzComm Marketing said, “Our interest in sponsoring this event stems from the fact that the Austin Blues Revue is all about creating authentic relationships. Something traditional networking often falls shot on delivering.”

About Austin Blues Revue

The Austin Blues Revue exists to pay tribute to the musicians that make Austin the Live Music Capital of the World.

The Austin Blues Revue is a series of quarterly, upscale, business social events – each followed by an exclusive performance by a revolving roster of Austin’s preeminent musicians performing in the timeless tradition of the Blues Revue.

Bringing together Austin’s most connected entrepreneurs, the Revue features a unique model that directly benefits sponsors, venues and musicians.

About OzComm Marketing

Founded in 2009 in the shadows of the Rock Mountains, OzComm Marketing developed an authentic approach to marketing, which has proven a successful model by helping its clients maintain profitability, and ensuring continued growth.

The capabilities and expertise found within OzComm Marketing drives strategic marketing innovation and creativity. From there, the similarities between OzComm and its competition diverge, and put OzComm in a class of its own. Its methodologies lead their clients down cost effective avenues while delivering favorable bottom line results.

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November 16, 2015
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