Transmedia Storytelling

Transmedia Storytelling


Why Transmedia Storytelling

As far back as we can discern; we are storytellers. Consider the ancient cave pictograms, Egyptian pyramid hieroglyphs, glyph-adorned Grecian architecture; even ancient scripture, all tell stories.

We connect with one another through stories, and they captivate our attention. This is the crux of marketing. When we have their attention, we encourage them to respond in a certain way.

How Transmedia Storytelling works

Transmedia Storytelling works when a company understands the reason why they are in business, and why they work to serve their customers.

From there, it becomes imperative to incorporate the story’s narrative into the various mediums (traditional, online, and social). The content must be platform specific, and offer the consumer an opportunity to enter the narrative at any point, and explore for him-/herself.

What Transmedia Storytelling does

StreetPeopleNow the business’ story is made public and the consumers are interacting, or experiencing the content. If a business continues to encourage ongoing conversation, and sharing the narrative content, it can expect to see more of the right customers. Because these customers paying attention to highly-personalized communications that demand their attention.

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