We Believe…

The most valuable asset of any business is its authenticity. When a brand can articulate the reason why they do what they do, that brand establishes a clearly defined position in the marketplace; the results help the brand avoid commoditization of its product/service, and increase profit margins and marketshare.

Therefore, everything we do at OzComm Marketing centers on authenticity. In fact, we only work with brands that believe in authentic integrity.

Of course, we are also business-minded. As a team of MBA-backed professionals, with more than 15 years experience, we understand ROI.

Contact OzComm Marketing, we’ll work with you to authentically market your corporate narrative.

We Focus…

… on effective marketing that is memorable, relatable and actionable.

OzComm Marketing employs a sense of honesty and integrity. (Seems counterintuitive for a profession that is based on the art of persuasion.) However, this process of…

  • Taking a keen interest in our clients’ business goals
  • Isolating the important aspects to achieve these goals
  • …And, focusing the marketing strategies that will yield the largest return for the least effort

Our methodology for learning, validating and executing on personalized marketing tactics has resulted in…

  • Driving new opportunities from existing and new customers
  • Enhancing the value perception of products and services and avoid commoditization
  • …And, increasing profit margins and market share with better brand positioning

We could write extensively about our process, but we find that conversations are more meaningful when it is in person, or over the phone. Contact OzComm to discuss your specific challenges.

Contact OzComm Marketing; together we can awaken you audience with marketing that is memorable, emotional, and actionable.

We Do…

Lead the industry in strategic marketing, backed with usable market research and self-correcting marketing campaigns.

OzComm Marketing works with business owners who are exceptional in their industry, and marketing savvy, but who are occasionally faced with challenges that negatively impact growth and profitability.

Above and beyond most marketing consultants, we develop and execute strategies that solve real-world business problems by:

  • Increasing visibility in crowded market spaces
  • Working with Sales to improve funnels that don’t meet expectations
  • Measuring marketing effectiveness to reverse ever-shrinking profit margins

Contact OzComm Marketing; we work with savvy business executives like you.

We Are…

OzComm Marketing is a practice of communication professionals committed to improve commerce. We are your trusted business adviser. You already know your business; occasionally, we just need someone to

  • Confirm what we already know
  • Teach what we know we don’t know
  • Or, uncover we don’t even know

We are proponents of transmedia marketing through narratives. Your clients are not looking to be sold a product or service; they are looking to engage with your brand story through experiences.

We look forward to working with you:

  • Reach and motivate customers online to generate revenue
  • Navigate social media to increase brand engagement
  • Meet and manage customer expectations
  • Build and maintain position in the marketplace

Contact OzComm Marketing; we want to learn more about your business.

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